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RAL Wealth Builder Program

Drastically Reduce your Taxes and Build Massive Wealth Tax-Efficiently
ral wealth membership
ral wealth membership
ralwealth tax saving
ralwealth tax saving

RAL Wealth Builder Program

The RAL Wealth Builder Program teaches high income people who make $500,000 or more how to build massive wealth tax-efficiently.

In Step 1, we show you the three strategies that I use to drastically reduce my taxes. We will help you to reduce your taxes from 50% to 15% while continuing to live in California. Some people can get even lower than that.

In Step 2, We show you the 4 strategies to take all of that tax savings and then build massive wealth while paying little to no taxes on the growth.

Step 1

Minimize Taxes

There are three strategies that I use to minimize my taxes.

  1. The first is a Max Funded Retirement Plan. Most people don’t realize that you can put more than $60,000 into a retirement plan. In fact, my wife and I can put in more than $400,000 per year and it’s fully tax deductible. Most financial advisors and CPAs don’t know about this specialized design.
  2. The second strategy that I use is that I invest in tax deductible investments. Yes, you heard me right. Investments that will get great returns and still give me a tax deduction on the front end. These aren’t for everyone, but I will educate you on the ones that I use.
  3. The third strategy that I use is a charitable strategy. There are lots of different charitable strategies out there. I personally use one where I get a huge tax deduction up front every year, and I still get access to that money to enjoy throughout my life.
Step 2

Build Wealth Tax Efficiently

There are four different accounts and strategies that I like to use to build wealth tax-efficiently.

  1. In the first one a bank will fund my account for me, and I just pay a small amount of tax deductible interest to the bank. This plan will spin off 5x to 10x more income than a traditional retirement plan or 401k and it’s all tax-free!
  2. The second one is a custom designed account where I can stuff $1 million or more into it and all the money will grow tax-free. It can be invested in virtually anything and can even be managed by a hedge fund or my financial advisor. In fact, many hedge funds will require you to set this account up first before they will agree to manage your money.
  3. In the third strategy I can show you how to convert a taxable retirement plan to a tax-free Roth IRA while paying little to no taxes on the conversion. The fourth strategy that I use is investing in tax deductible investments similar to step one. These investments have a lot of amazing tax benefits and will grow with virtually no taxes owed.
$10,000 up front

Included in the RAL Wealth Builder Consulting Fee

Together we will build your personalized tax reduction calculator. Not all three strategies work for everyone so we will discuss which ones will work for your situation. We will also do calls with your personal tax and legal advisors and walk them through the strategies so that you guys can decide which ones you like the most. I will run a Retirement Income Analysis for you.

My software will strategically calculate the maximum income that you can live on every year for the rest of your life based on the wealth that you’ve created so far. We will update the Income Analysis as you continue to save taxes and invest more for your future.

Along with your Advisors, I will then help you set up the various strategies. I can get proposals for a Max funded retirement plan and help you set it up. I can educate you on the different tax-deductible investments that I use as well as others that are out there. We can discuss various charitable strategies and I will connect you with different tax advisors and CPA firms that set them up.

I will educate you on the different types of wealth building accounts that I use where my money grows tax-free and can help you set them up. I will teach you which types of investments should be held in different types of accounts. Some investments are better off in your Roth IRA or your charitable strategies so that you can eliminate taxes on the gains and others are better in your own name so you can take advantage of the tax deductions.

We will do ongoing reviews quarterly where we will update your calculator and track all of your income and deductions throughout the year. It’s very difficult to do tax planning at the end of the year because by then most people have already spent all their money so we want to strategically be getting our deductions throughout the year as we earn our income.

I also hold monthly calls for all members in the program where we go deeper into the strategies and bounce ideas off each other while we learn how to build massive wealth together.

Here are some sample Tax Savings

43 Year Old Business Owner in CA

    • Income $2,000,000
    • Tax with no plan $980,400 (49%)
    • Tax with the RAL Wealth Builder $267,746 (13%)
    • Tax Savings $712,654!!!



63 Year Old Doctor in CA

  • Income $1,500,000
  • Tax with no plan $670,500 (45%)
  • Tax with the RAL Wealth Builder $290,472 (19%)
  • Tax Savings $380,028!!!


40 Year Old Business Owner in CA

  • Income $1,700,000
  • Tax with no plan $773,727 (46%)
  • Tax with the RAL Wealth Builder $293,635 (17%)
  • Tax Savings $480,092!!!